100% Greek manufacturer of laser machines

Our company is engaged in the production for the European Labeling & Cutting Laser Machines. Taking advantage of our long-lasting experience in laser technology, we build reliable, high-performance machines that meet even the most demanding customer requirements at very competitive prices. The largest volume of our production is exported to the countries of Europe. The basic philosophy of our company is to manufacture machines that offer the maximum value for money.



Ra.Tec quality guarantee with modern and European specifications production line Laser cutting and engraving


Trust due to our multiannual presence in the field as well as the export line of our machines


Respect customer's requirements for the best possible result at the appropriate market price

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Our main categories of machines are:

- CO2 Laser, for processing of organic materials (plexi glass, wood, rubber, plastic, paper, etc.) with a working surface from 42X63cm to 200X300cm, and laser power from 50W to 600W. - Fiber Laser, for cutting metal (ferrous metals, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.) with a working surface from 70x100cm to 200x300cm, and laser power from 500W to 2KW. - Galvo Laser (CO2 or Fiber) for engraving on metallic surfaces or organic materials, with a working area from 10x10cm to 30x30cm, and laser power from 10W to 100W. Our machines are manufactured in Greece and have CE certification, and their manufacturing quality complies with the strictest European standards (Germany, the Holland).

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Warranty & Support

All our machines are covered by a 24-month warranty covering all parts and labor (except for laser sources, which are warranted by the manufacturer). Our company also provides services for the maintenance / reconstruction of third party machines at very competitive prices. In our company you will find a real partner, whose only purpose is to support production processes.