Heλios 60



Helios 60 is the smallest CO2 series machine, with a 42X63cm desktop and 50W power.
It is desktop and is addressed to customers with limited workload, and engraving applications (mainly)
but also cutting materials up to 5-6 mm thick.
The table can be down to 90mm for bulky items.

Offers high quality Engraving.

It includes a gas extraction system, an air pump for cutting assistance, and a cooling circuit for the laser source.

Optional equipment

– Rotary (for engraving on cylindrical objects)
– Wheel base / wardrobe.

Additional information

Work Surface (W x H)

630 mm x 420 mm

Dimensions (W x H x D)

1050 mm x 750 mm x 500 mm

Laser power

50 watt

Laser source



1 – 1000 mm/s


24 μήνες (εκτός της πηγής Laser)

Laser Source Warranty

12 μήνες

Design / Construction

Ελλάδα (Ra.Tec)


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